Private label

Private Label

Under the concept contract production, it is accepted to understand "industrial outsourcing" - transfer under the contract of production process. Contract manufacturing is a special production practice, which allows trademark holders, patent holders, product developers and any other companies to place orders for the production of the product at a specialized enterprise with the necessary equipment, technology and qualified staff. Besides, contract manufacturers develop a product to order by themselves, and then begin its industrial production.
We provide contract manufacturing of liquid detergents (household chemicals, autochemistry, disinfectants, technical detergents, etc.) as part of the Private Label direction, we provide customers with the opportunity of complex solution of production tasks at all stages of chemical production - from the technical task till serial production.
Manufacturing of definite components of the final product by the contract manufacturer, allows the customer to reduce market entry dates of products, reduce production costs, save staff and financial resources, improve the quality of own products with using advanced technologies. Only contract manufacturers, which have a strong technical base, production experience and a sufficient number of qualified staff, can guarantee ensure the full production cycle of liquid detergents.


Advantages of working on Private Label with UHT

We have professional expertise in the development and production of detergents and disinfectants.                                                                                                                                                                                   

Full production cycle

We offer full production cycle at our modern production, from product development to the release of your finished product.

Quality standards

All manufactured products meet international quality standards and are tested in a quality laboratory.

Research center

The modern research laboratory gives the opportunity to develop any product for your request.

Experience of cooperation

We have experience of cooperation with more than 200 customers from Ukraine and other countries.

Own packaging

We have our own production of packaging, which we can offer to the customer.

The main stages of launching Private Label

We meet and discuss the project


We select the optimal range for the project

Technical task

Development and coordination of the technical task


Approval of the term of work on the project


Creating a recipe and providing samples for testing


Purchase and preparation of raw materials for production


We produce packaging according to the customer’s request


We start production according to the customer's request

Quality control

The quality laboratory checks the normative indicators of products and issues a quality passport


We determine the optimal variant of the logistics to deliver the goods