Wipes and nonwovens «Industrie Celtex®»

Napkins and nonwovens materials under the trademark «Industrie Celtex®»

«Industrie Celtex®» products for the production of napkins and nonwovens

«Industrie Celtex®» is a synthesis of innovations, knowledge and experience in the fabrics industry, TNT and system products for the professional market. The vertically integrated process from the paper mill to the processing lines offers specific solutions for all applications: car wash and workplace, food and catering, medicine and healthcare. Industrie Celtex offers various sub-brands to meet all business requirements.

EU Ecolabel, Ecological Quality Label, which guarantees strict criteria of environmental protection, needed at European level: low level of water and air pollution, low levels of greenhouse gases and electricity consumption.
Celtex manufactures paper and nonwovens for professional cleaning, industry, Ho.Re.Ca.
Full range of disposable wipes and nonwovens supplied with dispensers specifically designed to meet the ergonomic and aesthetic requirements of every professional environment.

Celtex offers its customers a catalog containing more than 150 products with more than 400 specific options to meet even the most difficult and specific requirements.