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General information

Our company is a leader in the Ukrainian market of the development and production of detergents and disinfectants. Modern production is equipped with all the necessary equipment for the control of raw materials, production process and automatic packaging of finished products. The company pays special attention to quality control at every stage of the production cycle, from the choosing of raw materials to testing the quality of finished products. We are constantly improving production processes, depending on the development of new products. Since the foundation of the company, we pay constant attention to the development of new products suitable for different equipment, each consumer and any climatic conditions. All this is possible due to the effective activities of our research center, which is foothold of the company.

Оur story
wot We create values, let's do it together

During many years, we have grown from a small company of like-minded people into a powerful national manufacturer of detergents and disinfectants. Thanks to the professional expertise of the market and the creative potential of our specialists, we have become a leader in the production of detergents and disinfectants and have recommended itself professionally reliable in many industries. Constant development and modernization of production facilities, attract more and more customers to our company every year.


Foundation of a business line for the production of household chemicals under its own trademark BALU® and LILU®.

Start of production of disinfectants under the trademark BAREXAN® for poultry farms.

Foundation of a business line for wood protection products under its own trademark WOODMIX®.

Foundation of the car cosmetics business line under its own trademark VENOR®.

Start of production of detergents and disinfectants for the food industry under its own trademark OXIN®.

The beginning of export products under the trademark OXIN®.

Start of production of disinfectants under its own trademarks SEPTOFAN® and DEZMARK®.

Start of production of professional detergents for the food industry under its own trademark CHISTO-PROM®.

Beginning of the building of the own production.

Foundation of a business line of professional detergents for the food industry.


Developments are implemented in production, created by our research center. The company has introduced a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of international standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22 000:2018 and  ISO 14001:2015.  Production capacity is more than 10,000 tons of finished products per year. Currently, the company produces more than 400 types of finished products. The total area of production and storage facilities is over 5000 m2.


All processes are performed on modern production equipment, which provides high accuracy of raw material dosing. The packing process takes place on automatic packing lines with high productivity. Considerable attention is paid to the quality of water, which goes through several stages of purification. At the end of the production process, all finished products are tested in a quality laboratory.

Production capacity
Types of produced products
The total area of production facilities

Our team creates products with care about you. We are a customer-oriented company that creates additional value for our customers. Our main focus is to create innovative products that are designed to provide our customers with high efficiency and quality. We strive to offer an innovative solution at a stage when the client is just thinking about a new idea, and we already provide a ready-made solution.


We have been operating in the market since 2000 and have professional expertise in the development and production of detergents and disinfectants.


Achieving maximum compliance with the requirements of the Client, the formation of values and conditions for long-term cooperation.

Success factors
  • Modern production with a full production cycle;
  • Professional expertise in the field;
  • Individual approach to the development of products for the Client;
  • Research Center;
  • Quality guarantee of the product;
Our mission

Production of professional detergents and disinfectants by forming values for our Client.

Development of a culture of consumption of detergents and disinfectants to improve the sanitary condition of the food industry in accordance with the standard HACCP.

Constant desire to improve our business processes in order to improve cooperation with customers.


Our mission is to achieve maximum responsibility for the Client's requirements and create conditions for long-term cooperation !

The company is actively expanding its dealer network in the regions and invites interested companies to cooperate. To become our dealer, it is necessary to have the status of a legal entity, it is desirable to have a base of contacts in your region.

Please also provide information about the type of activity of your company.

Social responsibility
26 February 2024
Acknowledgments from the Military Clinical Hospital
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26 February 2024
Thanks from the "Krugoobig Dobra"
More details
26 February 2024
Acknowledgment from the Northern Kyiv Directorate of the National Guard of Ukraine
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26 February 2024
Thanks to the Dniprovsky State Emergency Service of Kyiv
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23 Октября 2023
Assistance to our military
ООО «Украинские химические технологии» продолжает помогать нашим военным!
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18 Октября 2023
Conference participation in the household chemicals and cosmetics COSMO POBUT 2023
On October 10-11, our company took part in the conference on household chemicals and cosmetics COSMO POBUT 2023
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5 Октября 2023
We will definitely win!
We will continue to help the Ukrainian Armed Forces and do everything in our power to ensure Ukraine's victory!
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4 Октября 2023
Let's make the world a kinder place together!
Caring for children and efforts aimed at their physical and intellectual development are not in vain!
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10 Августа 2023
Everything for our country victory!
Today everyone must do everything that depends on him for the sake of our victory!
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9 Мая 2023
Let's go together to the victory!
Our company continues to support the heroic soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the fight against the military aggression of the Russian Federation.
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23 Августа 2022
Dobrogo dnya, Everybody!
As soon as the whole civilized world learned about the invasion of the Russian occupier in Ukraine and a full-scale war, we did not stand aside!
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15 Июня 2022
Thanks from the MFU
Separately, the Presidential Brigade, named after Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky, represented by the brigade commander, Colonel Pavlo Hora, thanked us for our activities in support of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, expressing hope for further cooperation.
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28 December 2021
Red Cross + UHT
Doing good is an honorable mission, so our company has not stood aside for many years, if anyone in a difficult or emergency situation needs more than just compassion and spiritual mercy.
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25 Июня 2021
Helping children
An orphanage is a place where sanitary and hygienic standards are extremely important.
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29 January 2021
Disinfection of transport
Disinfection of transport is a required procedure provided by sanitary and epidemiological regulations.
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12 Октября 2020
The people and the army are united
To prevent the emergence and spread of coronavirus among military personnel
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