Red Cross + UHT

Red Cross + UHT

28 December 2021

Doing good is an honorable mission, so our company has not stood aside for many years, if anyone in a difficult or emergency situation needs more than just compassion and spiritual mercy.

We are very glad that the constant cooperation with humanitarian and charitable organizations gives us the opportunity to help those who need our support here and now, not in words but in deeds.

This year, on December 16, our company joined forces with a representative of the largest humanitarian network in the world - the Ukrainian Red Cross Society and made its best contribution to the box of goodness and harmony.

In our gift basket we put our own products, which for 2 years in a row are awarded the honorary award of the annual National Quality Rating of Goods and Services in Ukraine - "Quality Star" and thanks to which UHT has been implementing its main mission - to make the world cleaner and safer.

Undoubtedly, we will always continue to participate in socially significant projects that promote well-being and improve the social and physical health of all those in need, because we believe that overcoming any crisis and adversity is possible only together and only for good.