Disinfection of transport

Disinfection of transport

29 January 2021

Disinfection of transport is a required procedure provided by sanitary and epidemiological regulations. Due to the Covid-2019 pandemic, the requirements for disinfection of transport, regardless of its purpose, have increased significantly. Preventive disinfection should be carried out systematically, following the established schedule and standards. 

According to the current legislation, products used for disinfection of transport must have state registration and meet certain requirements, such as:

⦁ To show disinfection efficiency against a wide range of pathogens, without requiring a long time of disinfection.
⦁ Safety for transport users, absence of persistent odor, the possibility of disinfection in the presence of passengers (which is especially important to use in trains.)
⦁ Versatility. The ability to use at different objects.
⦁ Gentle action to processing objects.

The UHT company offers effective products for disinfection of transport of its own production. Products, developed according to quality standards, are used by many transport companies in Ukraine. For treatment of surfaces in transport it is possible to choose products of SEPTOFAN® or DESMARK® trademarks.

You can buy them on the website www.uht24.ua. Here you can order antiseptics for hands, which should be provided to every transport, due to pandemic.

Every product, offered to you by UHT, has a state registration in Ukraine and other permissions to use. Products are characterized by effective action in compliance of rules of their application (surface treatment is carried out by irrigation or wiping, thus all surface has to be moistened). You can buy them in any quantity.