Water treatment

UHT solutions for water treatment

We produce professional pool care products and reagents for industrial return water treatment under our own trademark «AQUASEPT®».

For safe use of the pool, it is necessary to arrange the cleaning process and care.From the environment into the bowl of the pool get a variety of contaminants, which subsequently leads to the appearanceto plaque, blooms, cloudy water and the appearance of an unpleasant odor.You need to use specialized pool care products, to keep the pool clean and the safewater.

Reagents for treatment of industrial return waters of open and closed water supply systems serve to provide reliable and uninterrupted work of reversible cooling circuits. Products of the «AQUASEPT®» trademark prevent formation of mineral and biological deposits on surfaces of the equipment and in pipelines, protect from corrosion the constructions made of various constructional materials,provide equipment washing from already formed deposits of organic and inorganic originand reduce the possibility of foam formation in reversible systems.

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