UHT took part in the CleanExpo exhibition

UHT took part in the CleanExpo exhibition

26 Сентября 2021

UHT took part in the CleanExpo exhibition, which took place in Kyiv from September 22 to September 24, 2021. This is the 18th International Exhibition of Professional Equipment for the Cleaning Industry, as well as Professional and Household Chemicals.

The main purpose of the exhibition is to develop and promote the industry of cleaning and services of professional cleaning, dry cleaning and laundry. The exhibits of the exhibition were presented in several main directions:

1. Professional cleaning (innovative equipment for professional cleaning and industrial cleaning, household chemicals and professional cleaning services).
2. Dry cleaning and laundry (modern equipment and facilities).
3. Products to ensure compliance with modern requirements for hygiene and sanitation, including disinfectants.
4. Uniforms and means of providing conditions envisaged by labor protection (systems for ventilation, air conditioning, air purification, etc.).

Beside demonstrating the latest equipment and tools, the exhibition program included seminars and workshops on "Restorative and effective cleaning."

For UHT, CleanExpo is an opportunity to introduce our products to potential customers. The exhibition presented several lines of cleaning and detergents for professional use, household chemicals and disinfectants.

Participating in the exhibition, we tried our best to realize given opportunities to us in communication with representatives of various industries of the cleaning industry. So, we sincerely hope that after the exhibition we will have new customers and partners, which will allow us to expand the geography of sales and increase their volumes. Beside the CleanExpo exhibition has become a kind of impetus for us to develop new types of products that fully meet modern requirements for the efficiency and safety of detergents and disinfectants.