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The rapid development of society encourages to appeal more often to the services of cleaning companies. Cleaning is the widest range of services for cleaning different types of rooms with the use of highly efficient professional equipment and specially selected detergents and cleaners. The services of cleaning companies include regular or one-time general cleaning, cleaning after repairs, construction work, washing of facades, dry cleaning of furniture, carpets, washing of ceilings, windows, office equipment, etc.

«BALU® PROFESSIONAL» products are developed taking into account the needs of cleaning companies: effectively removes all types of contaminations and provides thorough care for coatings and surfaces. Improper selection or technology of using products can damage the surface, that needs cleaning. Our experts will help to select products according to the equipment for each type of a surface and type of c contaminations that allows to increase service life of coverings and surfaces considerably. Cleaning with UHT products is a highly efficient cleaning that provides perfect cleanliness.

01 Kitchen
02 Guest area
03 Toilet room
04 Sanitary surfaces
Guest area
Toilet room
Sanitary surfaces
Other solutions
Restaurants, bars, cafes
Restaurants, bars, cafes
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