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Detergents for restaurants, bars, cafes from UHT

Restaurants, bars and cafes are places where we used to relax, meet friends and partners, celebrate important events. In such institutions, everything should be at the highest level, so it is important to consider all the nuances. One of them is cleanliness in the restaurant hall, bathroom, kitchen. It is necessary to select the appropriate products for each room, which will eliminate contaminations in the shortest time. It is important to note that kitchen products should not contain flavorings, while products for halls and bathrooms should leave a pleasant aroma.

Our experts will help to choose products according to the equipment for each type of a surface and type of contaminations, this reduces time and facilitates cleaning for workers, also increases the service life of coatings and surfaces. Cleaning restaurants, bars and cafes with UHT products is a highly efficient cleaning that provides perfect cleanliness.

01 Toilet room
02 Sanitary surfaces
03 Kitchen
04 Guest area
Toilet room
Sanitary surfaces
Guest area
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